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CSC CoSponsorship

CSC is recognized as one of the top evidence-based providers of perinatal continuing education nationwide. All of our advanced practice speakers are expert clinicians in the fields of high-risk perinatal and neonatal healthcare.

CSC CoSponsorship is an agreement between CSC and any facility/hospital/hospital system/corporation/company who desires indivindual on-site education, training, or credentialing. The CSC offers several CoSponsorship Agreement Options to meet the individual needs of both large and small facilities. CoSponsorship offers a cost effective alternative to state and national continuing education and credentialling requirements.

CALL our office today (757) 560-2672 to activate a CSC CoSponsorship Agreement or go to our
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CSC CoSponsorship BENEFITS Include:
* EASY & Affordable
     * Options for Revenue Sharing
     * Pre/Post Testing & Credentialing Alternatives
     * Community Recognition as a Provider of Continuing

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