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Continuing Education

CSC has numerous and varied half, one-day, and multi-day perinatal and neonatal courses immediately available for on-site training. Our courses assist in annual requirements for continuing education, orientation supplementation, and specialty training. CLICK below to download the CSC Course Compendium: Master List of all CSC Courses.

Click HERE to download CSC Course Compendium

BYOP: Build Your OWN Program- CSC offers the BYOP program to all perinatal providers, hospitals, and corporations with an interest in specialized educational offerings. CLICK below to download the BYOP Development Form.

CLICK HERE to download BYOP Develoment FORM


CSC offers a wide variety of consulting services to hospitals, hospital systems, companies, and corporations worldwide. On-site PQRS Surveys are conducted to improve performance with a department and decrease risk to patient populations. Fiscal Improvement consulting is offered to clients who want to improve the bottom-line within their designated specialty. Marketing and new product development in the areas of perinatal and neonatal health are our specialty. We want you to be even more successful, that is our job! FILL OUT the CSC Consulting Services Request Form below and we will contact you directly.

Perinatal Quality-Risk-Safety (QRS) Intitiative- The PQRSI was developed in 1998 to assist hospitals and hospital systems to become "Centers of Excellence" in perinatal healthcare. As a member of the PQRSI, you will receive consulting services to improve quality of care, reduce perinatal and medical-legal risk, and to promote patient safety. Through evidence-based guidelines, protocols, and policy, PQRSI members not only define but exhibit "Best Practice".

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